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Playroom Makeovers

We have been approached by several agencies requesting help remodeling their visit spaces.  The requests are listed below.  You can learn more about our playroom sponsorship program here

If you would like to get involved in one of the projects listed here please contact us and a board member will reach out to shortly to discuss details.  Some of these projects listed below are large undertakings - we welcome partnering with groups that may like to sponsor a part of one of these projects (eg. sponsoring a library for a playroom).

If you are a representative of an agency and would like to add your requests to our list please get in touch here.  Please include as many details as possible with your request such as dimensions in the room needing work, what furniture is needed, age of children the room is to be designed for etc. 

Children Painting Wall

Large visit room in Lancaster County

This large playroom (19.75’x 15.5’) is located in Lancaster County, PA and supports visits for children aged 0-10.  The goal is to create a more natural and comforting atmosphere for families through new décor, a few lamps, a small couch, a rocking chair and new paint.

The hope is to also add a reading nook with more diverse reading material for children (Spanish books etc.), along with a family craft corner.

This is an ideal project to split into smaller parts for groups to sponsor : for example one group could sponsor the craft corner, another the reading nook etc.

 Lancaster County Visit Location

An agency in Lancaster County, PA is seeing assistance to remodel several playrooms and freshen up their visit spaces.


Mixed Aged Playroom (13.5'x14.75')

This room was recently painted and could benefit from the additional of some fun child appropriate wall art.  The room could also do with new curtains, a new sofa or sofa cover and some wall shelves for books.  The agency has some toys already in the room but asked specifically for family games (toddlers-teens) and more "boy" toys.

Room 1 - 2nd view.JPG

Toddler/Preschooler playroom #1 (11'7"x13'1")

This room was just painted and would look delightful with some fun themed wall art and new curtains.  The space could use a small table, some child sized chairs and wall shelves for books.



Toddler/Preschool playroom #2 (13'4"x10')

This freshly painted room is in need of wall art and curtains, a love seat or oversized chair and some wall shelves.  The room also needs new toys for children aged 4 and under. 

Infant/Young Toddler visit room (7'7"x10'11")

This room is in need of a love seat or over sized chair, wall art and toys for young toddlers. 

Room 2.JPG
Room 3.JPG

Other needs

This agency has a dining room and kitchen that are open for families to use.  Both could benefit from a new coat of paint and the dining room is in need of a new table and chairs set and a room divider.  The agency also requested paint and wall art for their lobby and a new sofa or sofa cover and some chairs. 

Dining Room.JPG

LIFE House, Reading, PA

Learning In A Family Environment (LIFE House) provides parent education services in a natural home like environment.  Richie's Wish has completed two playroom remodels at LIFE House and has two more scheduled this fall.  The agency is seeking help with some of the non playroom areas.




The kitchen area allows families to make meals together and parents to important skills.  The kitchen needs some new storage to replace the open shelving, paint and would be greatly improved by removal of the island to open the space up (this would require a plumber be involved).  The room also needs a new fridge.  


Dining Room

Many family meals are shared in this dining room.  The room could use new paint, new blinds and/or curtains and a new or gently used dining table with an extension leaf and a bench for extra seating.

Foster care agnecy in Reading, PA

This large agency in Reading, PA has an active foster care program and also runs a residential treatment facility.  The agency hosts visits for children in foster care, and also supervises visits for parents with children in the residential treatment program.  They have several playrooms in need of an upgrade.


Living Room

The living room is used for visits - especially for families with multiple kids.  This large space could use painting, wall art and new furniture.


Meeting/Visit Room

This room has as dual purpose, it is used for case review and service planning meetings and also for visits.  The room has multiple cabinets that could be used to store toys.  The room would benefit from new decals, new toys, a changing table, perhaps a small love seat, a bright rug and a collection of board games.




The stairway is the first part of the house families see when they enter.  This space would really bright up with new paint and some wall art (there is currently wall paper that would need to be stripped before painting could be done).

IMG_3741 (1).jpg
IMG_3740 (1).jpg

Large Visit Room

This room is used for visits for sibling groups.  The walls would look so much brighter with a fun mural.  The agency has a mural painter willing to work to create a mural as part of a playroom makeover

The room needs toy storage, a new TV, comfy seating and new toys and books.  Kids aged 0-18 visit with their parents in this room so it would need to include a variety of toys and games. 


IMG_3738 (1).jpg
IMG_3742 (1).jpg
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