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Angel Tree Christmas Program

Christmas is often a challenging time for children and families connected to the foster care system. 

Children in foster care are apart from their parents and maybe from their siblings.  Regardless of the issues in their home of origin that led to their placement in foster care most kids in care miss 

Family Christmas Tree

parents.   Parents are missing their kids and only get the chance to see them for a few hours during the week of Christmas

Children who are living in their home of origin are often facing challenges.  Their parents may be struggling to meet basic needs - Christmas gifts are often far more than an already stretched budget can handle.  

Cute Santa

Our Christmas program serves children in foster care and children whose parents are under CYS supervision. Children's Christmas wishes are shared with donors through our Angel Tree program and we work hard to make sure each child's Christmas wishes are met. 

To date we have served over 750 children through our Angel Tree program. 

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