Angel Tree Christmas Program

The holidays are about family. Gifts under the tree. Mom and a Dad sipping coffee while the kids eagerly tear open packages to see what surprises Santa left them. For children in foster care holidays can be a hard time. They are missing their parents. They may be placed apart from their siblings and missing them too.

Family Christmas Tree
Cute Santa

They are in a strange house with unfamiliar people. They are not sure if Santa knows where they live.


Many are not sure if Santa exists.

They have made wish lists for him every year but 


At Richie’s Wish, we aim to bring joy to these kids. We ask their foster parents to tell us what is on their Santa list and we work with sponsors, donors and community partners to fill as many of their wishes as we can.

he didn’t fill their wishes: they don’t know why that is. Their birth parents struggled with a range of issues: homelessness, joblessness, drug addiction and as much as their birth parents loved them they probably couldn’t find the means to fill their Santa wish lists.


The kids don’t know that. They just know that Santa bought all the other kids in their class wonderful new toys and they were forgotten.


And now they live with a new Mom and Dad ... the holidays are hard for these kids.

In just three years our program has served over 650 children!  We are so thankful for our community partners who host trees, sponsors who donate gifts through our Virtual Angel Tree and the hundreds of volunteers who dedicate countless hours to making  this project a success each year.


Christmas Tree Decorating
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