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Blessing Bags

Over 700 children enter foster care each day in the US.  Most arrive with a trash bag for their meager belongings. 

Foster parents often welcome these children into their homes on very short notice -we know families that have had twenty minutes to prepare for a child to arrive in their home. 

A Blessing Bag is designed to bless both the child entering foster care and the foster parents welcoming them.  These bags contain items to help a child settle in that first night: warm PJs to sleep in, a book to read, a teddy bear to snuggle.  These bags allow foster parents to spend that first night comforting and getting to know the child rather than rushing out to the store. 

There are various ways to support our blessing bag program:

- Host a donation drive.  Contact us for more information.

- Purchase items from our Amazon Wish List 

- Raise awareness in your community of the need for blessing bags and how this program supports children in foster care and foster parents

Teddy Love
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